Aug 12, 2013

I could have loved you.

"You never leave existence. Nothing can ever take existence away from you. Once you are born you have existed and you can't undo that. Your energy can never be destroyed, nor your matter. Physics proves that: the law of conservation.

We all started in the same place when the universe was created. We all have parts of star matter in us. We have matter from cave men, dinosaurs, everything. It's not some crazy spiritual hippie idea. I've thought about it a lot, that's why I'm not afraid of death.

No one has ever gotten this out of me. No one has cared to listen or ask. But you got it out of me, I'm very passionate about it and you got it out.

Like I didn't know you last year and I was living my life and now I'm worried what life without you is going to be like."

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