Aug 25, 2013

Watching the present become the past.

In around eight hours, I will be moving into the college I've dreamed of attending since sophomore year. In eight hours, South Brunswick will be known as my hometown and the people I've grown up with will be known as my childhood friends. It's all surreal to realize that I'm growing up and that everyone around me is growing up and we are all going our separate ways. That today is the last day I'm sleeping in my bed in a room that is officially mine. It's so hard to process the passing of time and the realization that things are changing and what has passed is passed. I've had great memories here in this town that I used to hate. Looking back at everything that has happened since now. Even if I am no longer friends with the people of my past, they have played such a large role in my life. And it's time to stop being nostalgic over everything and stuck in the past and accept the future.

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