Mar 22, 2015

Fill your lungs up with life and repeat after me: I am alive, I am alive, I am alive.

Recently I've been nostalgic for high school. Life was simpler then. I had less responsibilities, less obligations, more security. I can't imagine college being the best time of your life because it seems to me like a weird in-between where you're balancing school and classes and clubs with the real world.

I'm getting closer and closer to being a twenty-something instead of a teen. The thought of that is strange and terrifying. I'm nostalgic for the days when I would end school at 2:30 and hop in the car with my friends for what seemed like an adventure.

I feel like I've lost motivation. I feel overworked and stressed out. I turn to social media and Netflix and online shopping on Sephora as a way to ignore my responsibilities and escape. Procrastination is honestly my greatest weakness. Speaking of I was writing this, I just realized I forgot to submit the marketing blurb for the club I'm in. Major heart attack. I need to start getting on top of things again instead of binge-watching a hundred different shows online. I didn't even make resolutions in the beginning of 2015!!! So I guess I will make them now in a new post.

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