Mar 29, 2013

We are the reckless, we are the wild youth.

I wrote this post on March 9th and never got around to posting it until now.

I can feel childhood ending. Today I watched my sister's middle school play, All Shook Up. Nostalgic to my middle school days in Chamber Orchestra with my best friend and all of our ridiculous antics. Using fruits as code names, yellow notebooks, pacts and the cliche innocence. When I started viola in 6th grade, my orchestra teacher was unmarried. Since then, she's married the band teacher and now they have a child. Insane.

I graduate from high school in four months. In six months I will be living in the city of my dreams away from my family. Feeling such a flood of emotions that range from excitement for the future to sadness because of the end of these thirteen years of schooling. After this, I'm never going to have these experiences again. The only word to describe it is bittersweet and the only thing I can do is observe the passing of time and feel alive.

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