Feb 25, 2015

EEG Speaker Series: Dominique Ansel

Last Tuesday, a club I'm involved in, NYU Stern Entrepreneurial Exchange Group, had Dominique Ansel come in to speak about his success. It was one of our biggest turn outs ever! 

Words from the Cronut creator himself:

1. "When I used to work at the restaurant, I was working extra long hours. I remember one day walking past a shop and seeing this very beautiful white shirt that I wanted. I spent a month's income on it. It was expensive to me at the time. I told myself when the occasion came, I would put it on. It was two years later that I finally put it on. By that time, it was too small. I had outgrown it. When you have a good idea, you should explore it - not just keep it within yourself."

2. "Baking is a science, business isn't. Both are unpredictable and risky to do something different. Everyone told me only cupcakes sell in NYC. I didn't do any of that. I wanted to do something different."

3. "What separates me from everyone else? Everything. I'm serious! There wasn't one thing, it was everything. Your personality, your detail, the way you walked, talked, cooked, behaved. Even with customers, seeing what they need, what you have, bringing everything together. I can't say one thing separated me from the rest."

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