Aug 1, 2013

25 days and counting.

It didn't hit me that high school was really over and that I was going to go into college until I read a letter by an old friend.

It's crazy to think about all the people that I've met my entire life who have impacted me in any way. Some people I've grown up with, some people have helped me through tough times and hopefully, some I'll have relationships with for forever.

To the ones that I will miss, good-bye, thank you, I wish you the best. The people from Kindergarten to 12th grade are the people we have grown up with, from the simple things like learning how to read and write to studying for the SATs and making sense of calculus and various sciences.  It didn't hit me until now that everyone is going to different colleges in different locations and all going on separate paths. I might never see these people again. Even if we've drifted, had our differences or are no longer friends, I hope you all live happy lives.

"Hey Steph,
I guess this blog died down a long time ago but I’m glad neither one of us left. Hard to believe we basically started high school together, and now we’re on completely different paths.
Actually, I guess that’s not too hard to believe. With youth and young friendships comes the naivety of a relationship lasting forever.
I don’t know what’s brought me to write this but I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and also anxious about college starting. I actually didn't realize I wouldn't be going back to SBHS anymore until last week. It finally hit me that everyone is going on their separate paths.
I know I have a point to this whole post but for some reason it’s getting hard for me to get there.
I guess I just want to say there are tons of things I miss about you and our friendship but I’m glad that you’re happy where you are and I’m glad you've found such good friends.
And of course, I’m not saying that we’re not friends anymore or that I’m cutting ties but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you and still do, even if we are different now. Thanks for being my friend even though we don’t talk. I like how I never got cold vibes from you despite our changes in people and surroundings.
I know you’re going to thrive at NYU Stern. And I know you’re going to thrive when you graduate from there too.
Thanks, Steph, for being a good friend even from a distance."

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