Aug 20, 2012

Young and stupid still.

This blog, in actuality, is a personal blog and to be honest it kind of makes me uncomfortable that other people read it.

Realizing that it's actually quite possible to achieve greatness once you disregard all the trivial matters that come with the teen years. Take, for example, the blog that Karen just showed me as well as the ultimate multitasker that is Olivia Lo.

1. Stop procrastinating. Laziness might be my ultimate vice in life. For some reason, it is basically impossible for me to freaking start my work on time and as a result I will die much earlier than my peers from lack of sleep. If I really did stop procrastinating, I could accomplish so much more.

2. Stop being so attached to the Internet and social media. The world right now revolves around communications through the computer screen. Pointless communications. Why are we so obsessed with Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr. It is taking over my life.

3. Avoid drama and petty worries. With the high school years comes infatuations, arguments and overthinking. Maybe it is best to just let go of the superficiality that is so prevalent in this town. Everyone has ulterior motives. Befriend sincere people.

4. Learn time management and focus more. If I would just fix my attention span, I could probably be way more productive and spend less time on things. But even as I'm writing this blog post I'm pointlessly checking my email, aka I suck.

5. Finish things that I start. It has become a habit of mine to quit things after I start them without ever finishing. If I would just stick to the things I do, I could maybe actually get somewhere in life.

6. Balance work with play. I think that sacrificing everything for grades or academics would be a big regret later on in life. After all, you're never going to be a teen again and you don't want to remember your teenage years as filled with suffering, allnighters and anguish. To be honest, in twenty years, I'm not sure where you went to college will even matter that much. In addition to academics, read books, watch tv shows and movies, work on Jezie Jewelry, take art, photography and pastry classes, become a licensed nail technician, learn how to skateboard, freaking figure out how to use photoshop, start a nail polish blog and lookbook, travel and hang out with friends.

Get focused.
Get independent.
Get original.