Aug 31, 2012

I hate everyone, including myself.

Somehow, watching Honey Boo Boo Child on YouTube led to a video of a man who was deathly afraid of peaches, which led to a man who claimed he was a white man stuck in a black person's body which led to Tyra's 60 minute discussion about African American hair and the realization that society sucks.

We are so caught up on appearances and superficiality to the point where it's actually detrimental; life would be so much easier, not to mention nicer, if people were brought up to be accepting of others and most importantly themselves. How did beauty end up being so important in a person's life when clearly intelligence, skill and creativity are worth so much more. Why do I hate my short eyelashes and round nose because magazines and celebrities depict something else as beautiful? Why is a mother perming her three year old daughter's hair? Better yet, why did a bullied girl get plastic surgery to fix her "deformities" aka large ears. The fact that the plastic surgeon would call these deformities actually disgusts me because she, like myself and many others, is still at an awkward stage which she will outgrow. Plastic surgery is unnecessary and actually dumb. I still can't wrap my mind around the idiocy that is our nation.

I am actually the part of society that sucks. Although I have definitely improved since I was little, I am still quick to judge and stereotype. After some thought, I realize it's actually a ruthless cycle. Celebrities and models cake on the makeup and constantly watch their weight because society is quick to critique them if they don't. As a result, the people in society only see these picture perfect people which places even more emphasis on superficial beauty. Even worse, the people that do have the courage to go against this are vastly misunderstood. For example, Charlavail and Miley Cyrus both chopped off their hair only to get endless criticism and harsh words for going against the norm.

Why do I frequently visit and Perezhilton to stalk celebrities and their perfect lives. They are in fact, just people. Why do I care so much about these few select people. Why do I want to be a Jenner or a Kardashian when they have no talent or intelligence. Famous for being famous. What better people to be than John Green or J.K. Rowling - intellectuals as well as truly good people. With this in mind, since I am still young and impressionable, maybe I will learn to be more accepting both of others as well as myself.